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Developed by the Rees Group in early 2015, Dafen Trade Park is Llanelli's latest trade focused development. With ten bespoke trade counter units available for long term leasing, our aim with Dafen Trade Park is to provide an optimum solution to meet the needs of Llanelli's growing trade sector. Located just minutes from the M4, the site is strategically placed with easy access for a large customer base, extending from Llanelli, Swansea and throughout South West Wales.

281, 000


within a 30 minute trade area.



from junction 48 of the M4.

35, 000

Square Foot

of available floor space.


Trade Counter

units available for lease.

Site History

The products that once passed through these doors have been used by an extraordinary number of people worldwide, providing the building itself with a history rich in fabrication. The premises, that has now been transformed into a sleek and modern trade centre, was originally owned and operated by Avon Inflatables.

It was the location at which Avon designed and developed some of their best-in-class RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats), which were adopted for use by the military, the coast guard and many other essential organisations. This allowed Avon Inflatables to redefine the boating industry from their modest Llanelli based factory and provide a plethora of skilled jobs to local tradesmen.

On Arrival

On first arrival, it was clear that this was going to be a large project. Set in approximately 2.7 acres of land, with a footprint of around 35,000 square feet, the derelict factory seemed to be never ending. We began working on site almost immediately after the documents had been signed and the progress that our team made within the first few weeks was astonishing. In approximately two weeks, the exterior had been totally transformed.

From a severely overgrown wilderness a clear and organised working environment began to emerge. After years of neglect, the building was finally receiving the attention it so desperately needed.

The Design

From the earliest design sketches on scrap pieces of paper to the 3D rendered CAD drawings produced by our architecture team, the design of Dafen Trade Park has been the primary focus since day one. As a company we take pride in creating functional and well-formed spaces that deliver on even the most acute aspects of usability.

We notice the finer details that others may not, furthermore, we aim to provide a solution that is not just satisfactory, but one that has been fine tuned to ensure the highest level of quality.


At the end of our journey, it is clear that our commitment and passion has been worth it. The pleasure we have received in watching the development take shape is almost too much to put into words and it has made us extremely proud of what our skilled team of craftsmen have been able to achieve.

The units, with competitively priced leases, offer an unrivaled opportunity for local and national businesses to access this extensive market base.

Unit Availability

  • Unit 01

    220m2 / 2368 sq ft Let
  • Unit 02

    255m2 / 2745 sq ft Let
  • Unit 03

    360m2 / 3875 sq ft Let
  • Unit 04

    240m2 / 2580 sq ft Let
  • Unit 05

    315m2 / 3390 sq ft Let
  • Unit 06

    305m2 / 3280 sq ft Let
  • Unit 07

    465m2 / 5005 sq ft Available
  • Unit 08

    325m2 / 3500 sq ft Available
  • Unit 09

    295m2 / 3175 sq ft Available
  • Unit 10

    295m2 / 3175 sq ft Available

Meet the Team

We are a small team with a focused eye for detail, commitment and workmanship. We really do believe in quality over quantity and by making intentionally selective decisions we are able to ensure that our small team delivers.

Robert Rees

Managing Director

Morton Rees

Site Director

Phil Beynon


Joshua Thomas


Dafydd Lewis


Marek Ciecwierski


Kevin Pearce


Paul Davies


Jeffrey Thomas


Myles Thomas


Calvin Jenkins


Jakub Wroblewicz


Darivsz Knach


Tim Gower


Paul Cummins


Justin Duggan


Contact Us

If you're interested in speaking to us about leasing a unit then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call Robert from 9.00am to 5.00pm on weekdays or send us an email and we'll get back to you.

Viewings and lease agreements are handled by the excellent team over at Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH). To arrange a viewing please follow the contact details on this page. You can also find details about individual units on www.lsh.co.uk

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Robert Rees (Rees Group)

07971 176777

Jason Thorne (LSH)

01792 702800


Dafen Trade Park
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